2 5/8" Artisan Genuine Flax Linen Cloth Strop

ARTISAN™ 2 5/8" GENUINE FLAX LINEN CLOTH STROP w/ Leather or Synthetic Vegan Friendly Trim

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This is a single component Genuine Flax Linen cloth strop that many consider naturally abrasive and is to be used to compliment your daily use strop. This is a "New Old Stock" linen that has a fuzzier napp than what I was able to source last year. My supplier did a bit of searching and found a few older rolls from a few years ago.

This has a single Genuine Flax Linen cloth component, 2 5/8" wide with a 17" stropping surface and joined to my Fast Bridle leather end caps with a D-ring bottom grip (standard) or optional 3-ply leather handle (+ $7.00)and a heavy nickle plated snap/swivel/ring assembly at the top for hanging. I can also build these with my Synthetic Vegan Friendly end caps if desired. 2 5/8" width and a 24" overall length (29" with optional handle) with a 17" stropping surface. Being a single component strop, both sides can be utilized for stropping. The firm, tight weave provides a naturally abrasive surface to help hone your razor yet remains less aggressive than a pasted surface.

And of course all of my strops feature Chicago Screw construction making them modular for easy component replacement should it be needed. The now popular modular construction design that you see from other makers was an Heirloom Razor Strop innovation over 9 years ago.

These are made to order so please allow 2 to 4 business days for me to complete your order.

Pictured is a 2 1/2" Artisan Genuine Flax Linen cloth strop with leather D-ring grip.

The Difference Is In The Details

2 5/8" Artisan Genuine Flax Linen Cloth Strop
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