2 1/2" Heirloom "Rough Out" Heavy Draw Steerhide Strop


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My 8 to 9 oz. Artisan Old No. 2™ Specially Finished Heavy Draw Leather is available with matching Steerhide leather trim and Dee Rings

Many have asked me to once again make a heavier draw strop and I wanted to do something other than Latigo which I find to be a bit too waxy and sticky. I have had good results with the flesh side of hides and came up with something similar to the Illinois No. 827 "Russian" strop but with a less wooly, more tame surface and without the hard finish. I sourced hides with a uniformly skived flesh side and pressure roll these to increase surface temper. I think it provides a nice, slower draw without any inherent stickiness that I find in latio leathers. I am offering this in an introductory model, it comes with my Plain Vanilla colorway and price but still with Artisan trim details and workmanship.

The front component is a medium/heavy 8 to 9 oz. Premium Steerhide "Rough Out" leather that has been specially worked to provide a firm, more tame surface than the usual flesh side leather. It will provide a heavy draw without the stickiness many Latigo leathers have. It has a firm, heavy draw and needs no breaking in. It is hand worked to give just the right suppleness and to help it resist cupping.

This 2 1/2" traditional model is joined at the top to a second component of my heavy weight, medium weave cotton (Standard), or optional genuine Flax Linen (+$15.00) with its own Dee Ring grip at the bottom. This can also be made as a single component, Rough Out leather only strop (-$15.00).

These feature Dee Ring Grips (Standard) with a 24" overall length and a 2 1/2" wide x 17 1/2" long stropping surface. All strop edges are back beveled, rounded, and beaded. The trim pieces are also rounded, back beveled and burnished for a uniform appearance. It takes more time to do this detail work but is the only proper way to make a quality product. And of course all of my strops feature Chicago Screw construction making them modular for easy component replacement should it be needed. This now popular modular construction and this handle design that you see from other makers was an Heirloom Razor Strop innovation over 8 years ago.

These are made to order so please allow 3 to 4 business days for cutting, finishing and assembly.

Pictured is a 2 1/2" Artisan Premium Steerhide "Rough Out" Strop with heavy Cotton and Dee Ring grips.

The Difference Is In The Details

2 1/2" Heirloom "Rough Out" Heavy Draw Steerhide Strop
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