2 1/2" Heirloom Artisan Synthetic Vegan Friendly Strop


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A great Vegan Friendly alternative to a leather strop that has much of the feel of real leather but in a care free synthetic that is also a great travel choice due to it's durability. While not quite the same level of performance as a leather strop it is a usable alternative to those opposed to using animal products.

Available in a 2 1/2" width, 25" overall length with a 17" stropping surface. Features nickle plated swivel snap hanging hardware with Dee ring grips. Made from an easy care, high friction (draw), 100% synthetic material bonded to a super strong core. This is a dual component strop with the Synthetic front component and a Smooth Firm Fine Weave Cotton second component.

Not available with handles. Needs no dressing or care and they are very nick resistant.

These do have a considerably heavier draw than real leather but it can be compensated for by using a very light hand pressure or by prepping the strop with a light coat of mineral oil then wiping it clean. This leaves a slight lubrication film that lasts for a week or so before needing to be renewed. The nature of this material also causes them to have a very slight crown (high center, low edges) that flattens easily under the pressure of stropping. This is inherent in the synthetic raw material.

These are made to order so please allow 3 to 5 business days for me to complete your order.

The Difference Is In The Details

Please note that my Vegan friendly strops, while containing no animal based materials, are made in the same shop and with the same tools as my leather products.

2 1/2" Heirloom Artisan Synthetic Vegan Friendly Strop
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