2 1/2" Fast Bridle Leather "Apprentice" Strops


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A Great First Strop Strop For The Straight Shaver On A Budget

I call this the "Apprentice" strop as it is a great strop to learn on before moving up to one of my best quality strops. This uses my "Plain Chocolate leather and is a basic, no frills, get the job done tool. Great leather, great workmanship, just not fancy.

The single component is a flexible 8 to 9oz. Fast Bridle Leather that has a nice light draw. While this is the same type of leather I would use for my Artisan line of strops, unlike those which demand perfect leather, these pieces are a little short of perfect and are comparable to much I what I have seen on the market. They may have some very slight natural range marks typical in all hides that will have no effect on stropping and no effect on appearance. These are well suited for someone just starting out, the "Apprentice Shaver", or the experienced shaver that values function over frills and who does not want to make a large investment but still wants a well made strop with a very nice leather. They are all made here in my shop, by me, by hand.

This 2 1/2" leather only, no cloth component model comes with an integral handle for an easy, comfortable grip and comes with your choice of a snap/swivel/ring top to work with a wall mounted hook or ring or a thong and bead hanger that can be fastened to a doorknob or towel bar. These have an 18" stropping surface and are 24" overall. Even though an entry level strop it still features my original construction and design.

Please allow 2 to 4 business days for cutting, finishing and assembly

The Difference Is In The Details

2 1/2" Fast Bridle Leather "Apprentice" Strops
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